Upcoming Book Club Selections: Winter 2017

We are excited to share the themes for the upcoming Book Club selections for the beginning of 2017, when we explore some selections from ancient Roman works. Look out for further announcements with details of the texts, and the related forum threads, nearer the time! Tuesday January 31: Ovid Metamorphoses Tuesday February 28: Virgil Aeneid Tuesday March 28: Seneca, tragedy There will also be CHS Open House discussions to tie… Read more

New Publication: Singing Moses’s Song

Keith A. Stone, a member of the HeroesX Board of Readers and a postdoctoral fellow at Harvard’s Center for Hellenic Studies (CHS), recently celebrated the publication of his new book Singing Moses’s Song: A Performance-Critical Analysis of Deuteronomy’s Song of Moses. How does performing affect those who perform? Starting from observation of the intergenerational tradition of performing the Song of Moses (Deuteronomy 32.1–43), Keith Stone explores ways in which the… Read more

Travel to Greece: March 10–19, 2017

March 10th–19th, 2017 Join Professor Gregory Nagy and a small group of intergenerational learners for an immersive, 10-day exploration of Greece. As a HeroesX participant (past or present), you are eligible for special rates! Travel back through time to ancient Greece on this annual spring break favorite. Start in the charming seaport town of Nafplio, home to Harvard University’s Center for Hellenic Studies. Then proceed through the Peloponnese to Delphi… Read more

Project: Antigone

Creon, Chorus and the Guard Students from the 1st High School and 2nd High School of Nafplio are participating in the Antigone project in which high school students from the UK, Netherlands, Greece, Lebanon, and the US read and act parts of Sophocles’ Antigone. The project is ongoing and each school from England, Netherlands and Greece is working through the final recording. Today, we would like to introduce the students from Greece.… Read more

Online Resources at the Center for Hellenic Studies

We would like to share some online resources from the Center of Hellenic Studies. The Center has online publications that you can access free of charge. You can visit Publications which include the Hellenic Studies Series, Classics@, Curated Books, Curated Articles, and Classical Inquiries. Hellenic Studies Series include: Monographs, collections, and proceedings of colloquia published in the Hellenic Studies series and The Milman Parry Collection. Titles are available in print via… Read more