Key Terms for Thucydides Book 2

On this page are the key terms tracked in the augmented translation of Thucydides Book 2, which is available in the Text Library.

This list is also available to download as a PDF:
Handout of Key Terms for Thucydides Book 2


agathos [ἀγαθός] brave (of men); good, useful (of things)

aiskhunē [αἰσχύνη] shame; self-respect

aiskhros [αἰσχρός] sordid, despicable

aitiā [αἰτία] accusation, blame; (medical) cause

aition [αἴτιον] root cause

akmē [ἀκμή] height; ripeness; peak

anēr [ἀνήρ] a man

apragmōn [ἀπράγμων] non-political

aretē [ἀρετή] bravery; excellence; superiority

arkeîn [ἀρκεῖν] to ward off; to be sufficient

arkhē [ἀρχή] beginning, rule, command, office, kingdom, empire,
(in passive) being ruled

autarkēs [αὐτάρκης] sufficient in oneself, having enough, independent

dēmos [δῆμος] people; (originally) a country-district, country, land

deos [δέος] anxiety, apprehension, intellectual fear

epainos [ἔπαινος] eulogy, commendation

epaineîn [ἐπαινεῖν] to eulogize, commend

erastēs pl. erastai [ἐραστής pl. ἐρασταί] lover

gnōmē [γνώμη] thinking, plan (any product of thought), but with various references and associated words; attitude, intellect, plan, spirit

lupē [λύπη] pain of body

kharis [χάρις] gratitude, favor, grace, charm

mnēmē [μνἠμη] a remembrance, memory, record

nomos [νόμος] usage, custom, law, ordinance

phobos [φόβος] fright, terror, emotional fear

phugeîn [φυγεῖν] to flee, take flight, run away; and compounds

phthonos [φθόνος] ill-will, envy, jealousy

polis [πόλις] city, city-state

ponos [πόνος] pain, toil

psūkhē [ψυχή] soul, spirit, courage

therapeuein [θεραπεύειν] to tend to; cultivate