Looking back on 2016!

In 2016, Hour 25—soon to be renamed the Kosmos Society—had an exciting year. There were new programs, new community-organized groups and many interesting guests for the ongoing CHS Open House discussions. We extended our horizons beyond ancient Greece to include traditions related linguistically, geographically, and culturally with themes from Epic of Gilgamesh, Shāhnāma, Beowulf, the Táin and Celtic mythology, along with readings from Thucydides, Hesiod, Aesop, and Herodotus. We will continue to explore ancient Greek, the classics, and other related topics to broaden our focus and add more participants to our vibrant online community.

Some members of the community started learning ancient Greek by following videos created by Professor Leonard Muellner and Bellisi Gillespie, and they support each others’ learning by taking part in peer study groups.

Some members took part in the “heroization” projects of Medea and Helen. There have been three “heroization” projects so far, in which community members, with guidance from a mentor such as Leonard Muellner, work intensively and collaboratively to find all instances of the Core Vocab words in a given text.

Let’s celebrate all the beautiful activities and conversations! Happy Holidays to you all!

Image credit: Bryan Kennedy: calendar via Flickr, Creative Commons CC BY-NC 2.0