Book Club | August 2018: Argonautica, Books 3 & 4

Wordcloud Jason and golden fleece

Hereupon Jason snatched the golden fleece from the oak, at the maiden bidding; and she, standing firm, smeared with the charm the monster’s head, till Jason himself bade her turn back towards their ship, and she left the grove of Ares, dusky with shade. And as a maiden catches on her finely wrought robe the gleam of the moon at the full, as it rises above her high-roofed chamber; and her heart rejoices as she beholds the fair ray; so at that time did Jason uplift the mighty fleece in his hands; and from the shimmering of the flocks of wool there settled on his fair cheeks and brow a red flush like a flame.

In July and August we will be reading the complete Argonautica by Apollonius of Rhodes. This month we will read Books 3 and 5. Discussion will start in the forum, and we will meet by Google+ Hangout on Tuesday, August 28th at 5 a.m. EDT and/or 11 a.m. EDT, which should enable people in different time-zones to join. Links will be posted in the forum at those times.

As usual, you can read any translation you like. You can find free online versions as follows:

Happy readings!