Coming Soon: Enhanced Privacy for Forum Participants


Dear Participants,

Since this project began in 2013, our Forums have been a place where participants meet to discuss topics related to the ancient world, while also getting to know each other through social threads. Many participants generously share details about their families, work, and lives in general. All of this has helped to support our community development goals.

Now that the community is expanding in new ways and welcoming new participants, the Kosmos Society will foster continued community development with enhanced privacy settings. Previously, participants needed to login before posting on the Forums. Going forward, participants will also need to login before reading on the Forums.

Please note that this change only applies to the Discussion Forums. Our blog posts, texts, resources, and more will remain accessible, even to readers who aren’t logged in. Moreover, our blog posts will be opened for moderated comments, allowing community members to dialogue with others who prefer to participate as guests.

Although nothing shared online should be considered truly private, the Community Development Team hopes that these enhanced settings provide a safe and supportive environment where dialogue and friendships will continue to flourish.

Thank you for helping us make this important transition.

The Community Development Team

Image credit: Theophilos Papadopoulos,’Flowered home entranceCC BY-NC-ND 2.0