Kosmos Society 10th Anniversary: 2014 Retrospective

2024 sees the tenth anniversary of the Kosmos Society! So, to celebrate, this post includes some of the highlights and accomplishments from our first year, including Open House events, learning resources, and posts written and shared by community members. Enjoy! Kosmos Society 2014 The Kosmos Society was originally created[1] with the name Hour 25 to provide discussion space and preliminary resources for those who had taken part in the MOOC[2]… Read more

Book Club | Preview of 2024

As usual, there will be no Book Club meeting in December, to allow for the holiday season. But here is a preview of what will be coming up in the new year. In keeping with the expansive ideals of Kosmos Society where we have read works from related languages and societies, we will be reading primary sources not only from the ancient Greek world, but also from other premodern cultures,… Read more

A new beginning for Kosmos

Galanthus nivalis, a flower that blooms in January and is native to Greece and the surrounding region. The Kosmos Society’s sponsoring institution, the Harvard University Center for Hellenic Studies, will be phasing out its support during the next two months such that by October 1, 2023, Kosmos will be fully independent of the Center. In practical terms, what this means is that you should watch this space for further information… Read more

HeroesX: 10th anniversary

March 13 sees 10 years since the start of the first iteration of the MOOC ‘The Ancient Greek Hero’. Happy anniversary, HeroesX! In 2013 MOOCs — massive open online courses — were in their infancy, and this was one of the first Humanities courses on edX. The Ancient Greek Hero is based on the Harvard course taught by Gregory Nagy since the late 1970s, and has the same content as… Read more

BADA | Theater Program

GREEK THEATRE PROGRAM Program Dates: June 2-June 30, 2023 Application Deadline: February 15, 2023 Locations: United Kingdom and Greece Greek Theatre: From the Ancient World to the Modern, Through Theory and Performance is British American Drama Academy’s month-long summer program dedicated to exploring the performance and reception of ancient drama. Its interdisciplinary model means it is suitable for students and theatre practitioners at various stages of their careers. Participants will… Read more