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These short videos feature discussions about: Homer and the three Cs: Content, conversation, and community, with Leonard Muellner and Gregory Nagy Cartoons, the Homeric Hymns, and Drawing as a daily ritual, with Glynnis Fawkes Ancient Greek brides, death, and exchange, with Olga Levaniouk Anchises, Aphrodite, and Zeus, with Leonard Muellner Gregory Nagy and Leonard Muellner: Homer & the Three C’s: Content, Conversation, and Community     Glynnis Fawkes on Cartoons,… Read more

Emerging from the Cyclops’ Cave: Odysseus and Walter White, by Joel Christensen

The Cyclops Polyphemus, by Annibale Carracci [Public domain], via Wikimedia CommonsWe are pleased to share the latest research by Visiting Scholar Joel Christensen. Based on a recent presentation, “Emerging from the Cyclops’ Cave: Odysseus and Walter White” is a work-in-progress paper that challenges us to rethink the end of the Odyssey and appreciate more fully the artistry of Breaking Bad, one of the most critically acclaimed television dramas of our time. “Emerging… Read more

Developing Content, Conversation, and Community: a dialogue with Gregory Nagy and Leonard Muellner

We are pleased to share this video discussion with Gregory Nagy and Leonard Muellner about building content, conversation, and community around ancient Greek literature. Muellner and Nagy are joined by members Janet Ozsolak and Sarah Scott. Together they discuss how Hour 25 (now Kosmos Society) is an extension of the conversations Muellner, Nagy, and Douglas Frame began in the 1970s. They also begin to explore ways that our community might… Read more

Video from Classics Confidential: Joel Christensen on the Epic Future, Myth, and Science Fiction

Professor Joel Christensen visited our community to discuss the Odyssey and Breaking Bad. He also studies a wide range of topics including modern science fiction. We are pleased to share the following video from Classics Confidential where he talks about the epic future, myth, and science fiction. This video also features Elton Barker, a scholar with whom Professor Christensen has collaborated on several occasions. Barker and Christensen have authored a book Homer:… Read more

In Focus: Song 1 of Sappho

|1 You with pattern-woven flowers, immortal Aphrodite, |2 child of Zeus, weaver of wiles, I implore you, |3 do not devastate with aches and sorrows,|4 Mistress, my heart! |5 But come here [tuide], if ever at any other time |6 hearing my voice from afar, |7 you heeded me, and leaving the palace of your father, |8 golden, you came, |9 having harnessed the chariot; and you were carried along… Read more