Open House | Nestor and Indo-European Twin Myths, with Douglas Frame

We are pleased to share the following video featuring classicist Douglas Frame in which he talks about the role of Nestor in the Homeric poems. He is joined by members of the Hour 25 (now Kosmos Society) community. Together they also discuss absent signifiers, nostos, and Indo-European twin myths. You can watch on our YouTube channel, or in the frame below. You may also download the transcript for this video:… Read more

Happy Birthday to The Ancient Greek Hero!

  A Guest Post by Euthymia Kalogera Dear all, we are about to celebrate the H24H project’s first anniversary. There is so much to remember and so difficult to express with words my feelings. So I went back in time with the help of technology of course, and there it is: March 13, 2013 WELCOME TO CB22x, ‘THE ANCIENT GREEK HERO’ The project is live as of 5:00am EDT on… Read more

Meeting Douglas Frame

~ A guest post by Janet M. Ozsolak ~ Generous, kind, expert, fun, easy going and fun are some of the epithets with which I can describe Douglas Frame. Last December I had a chance to meet him in person in Tarrytown, New York. We talked about HeroesX, Hour 25, current research interests, CHS and our lives. It was a lively and lovely lunch. I am very happy that our… Read more

Open House | The Odyssey and Breaking Bad, with Joel Christensen

Joel Christensen on the Odyssey, Breaking Bad, and Problematic Endings Professor Joel Christensen (University of Texas, San Antonio) joined us to discuss the ways that Breaking Bad can help us rethink our reading of Odysseus and the violent ending of the Odyssey. He was joined in this video dialogue by several members of the community. Together they raise and discuss provocative questions such as: How do Odysseus and Walter White… Read more

In Focus: Iliad 9.599–606

|599 He [Nestor] was seen and noted by swift-footed radiant Achilles, |600 who was standing on the spacious stern of his ship, |601 watching the sheer pain [ponos] and tearful struggle of the fight. |602 Then, all of a sudden, he called to his comrade [hetairos] Patroklos, |603 calling from the ship, and he [Patroklos] from inside the tent heard him [Achilles], |604 and he [Patroklos] came out, equal [īsos]… Read more