Under Discussion: The Wine-dark Sea

“Yea, and if some god shall wreck me in the wine-dark deep, even so I will endure… For already have I suffered full much, and much have I toiled in perils of waves and war.” The Odyssey v (George Chapman translation) The Wine-dark Sea A guest post by Jacqui Donlon One of the persistent topics that surfaced again and again throughout H24H HeroesX discussions (for example this thread in v1)… Read more

Core Vocab with Greek

Depending on context, adjectives in -os [-ος] (masculine), may be given with other endings: -ē [-η] (feminine), -on [-ον] (neuter), -oi [-οι] (masculine plural), -ai [-αι] (feminine plural), -a [-α] (neuter plural). Core Vocab [with Greek] agathos [ἀγαθός] ‘good, noble’ agōn [ἀγών], plural agōnes [ἀγῶνες] ‘coming together; competition (antagonism); ordeal (agony)’ agora [ἀγορά], plural agorai [ἀγοραί] ‘public assembly, place of public assembly’ aidōs [αἰδώς] ‘shame, sense of shame; sense of… Read more

Book Club | March 2014: The Short Writings of Douglas Frame

We are very pleased to welcome Douglas Frame to Hour 25. It will be timely to read three articles by Douglas Frame for the Book Club’s March selection. Achilles and Patroclos as Indo-European Twins: Homer’s Take New Light on the Homeric Question: The Phaeacians Unmasked The Homeric Poems After Ionia: A Case in Point, in Classics@ 3 We will read “Achilles and Patroclus as Indo-European Twins: Homer’s Take” AND “New… Read more

Under Discussion: The song of Daskalogiannis

A guest post by Euthymia Kalogera I had heard by chance the song of Daskalogiannis. My son Andreas is learning Cretan dances and I discovered that the dance Pentozali which has its roots in the Ancient Pyrrhic dance like the dance Serra of the Pontiac Greeks, was first danced by Daskalogiannis and his men before the revolt of 1770. Daskalogiannis invited a famous traditional violin player to teach his men… Read more

Gregory Nagy, “Was there a future for the Phaeacians of the Homeric Odyssey?”

On January 20, 2014 Gregory Nagy gave a public talk in Athens under the auspices of the Centre for Odyssean Studies. We are pleased to share the notes from that talk with the Hour 25 community. Or, listen to the Gregory Nagy, “Was there a future for the Phaeacians of the Homeric Odyssey?” Read the PDF. Or, listen to the participant-generated recording of the talk. Gregory Nagy is the Francis Jones Professor of Classical… Read more