Book Club | August 2014: Homeric Hymns to Dionysus

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~ Update ~

In addition to our original selection, for the discussion on September 5 we will also read Hymn 26, which is also to Dionysus. Here is a link to the English text:

Homeric Hymn 26: to Dionysus

Our next Book Club selections are the Homeric Hymns to Dionysus, Hymn numbers 1 and 7.

You can find the English texts on Perseus:

Homeric Hymn 1: to Dionysus

Homeric Hymn 7: to Dionysus

Our discussions will be held on:
Thursday August 14 at 1:00pm EDT via Google+ Hangout
Friday September 5 at 2:00pm EDT in the Project Chatroom
or you can post comments in the Forum thread.
Happy readings!
Janet and Sarah