Archive: Posts by Leonard Muellner from HeroesXv2

We are happy to share the following archive of posts written by Leonard Muellner during the second session of HeroesX. Muellner is the Chair of the Board of Readers for HeroesX and Professor of Classical Studies at Brandeis University. He has been collaborating with Professor Gregory Nagy for over four decades. Post ID: Archive_HeroesXv2_LennyMuellner_1 Key Terms: song culture, kleos aphtiton, Milman Parry, Albert Lord Scroll 9 Iliad, modern oral traditions, Korea,… Read more

Text Library

Below are downloadable source texts in PDF format, along with links to html versions to read online here at this website. They include texts that have been revised by members of Kosmos Society. These texts have been augmented with key vocabulary terms. We have also provided some links to related material. This list will develop over time, so please check back periodically. Enjoy! You can click on the links in… Read more

Open House | Homeric Hymn to Aphrodite with Leonard Muellner

Leonard Muellner on Anchises, Aphrodite, and Zeus Our community recently (January 2014) welcomed Professor Leonard Muellner of Brandeis University to the community Chatroom. After the live chat, Professor Muellner joined us by video to share additional thoughts about his research on cosmic anger in ancient Greek epic. Together we raise and discuss several provocative questions such as: What do the names Anchises and Aeneas mean? What is the significance of… Read more

Audio: Gregory Nagy, “Was there a future for the Phaeacians of the Homeric Odyssey?”

On January 20, 2014 Gregory Nagy gave a public talk at the Archaiologiki Etaireia in Athens under the auspices of the Centre for Odyssean Studies. Several members of our community attended the event, and one even made an informal recording of the lecture. We are so pleased to share this participant-generated resource with the community. The text from this talk is now available here: Nagy:_Was there a future for the Phaeacians… Read more

Open House | Ancient Greek Brides, Death, and Exchange, with Olga Levaniouk

Our community recently welcomed Professor Olga Levaniouk of the University of Washington to the Chatroom. (We hope to share that transcript with you in the coming days.) After the live chat, Professor Levaniouk joined us by video to share additional thoughts about her research on ancient Greek weddings. Together we raise and discuss several provocative questions such as: Why does the bride wish for death at one point in the… Read more