Interview | Singing the Iliad, with Bettina Joy de Guzman

We are pleased to share this video interview with Bettina Joy de Guzman, about her project to sing the entire Iliad in ancient Greek, accompanying herself on a replica period lyre. She shares with us her process of research and preparation, audience reaction, engagement with those working in other fields, and her favorite episodes.

You can watch the video in the frame below, or on our YouTube channel.

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Bettina Joy de Guzman

Bettina Joy de Guzman headshotBettina Joy de Guzman is a multi-instrumentalist and Classicist, composing with replica ancient music instruments and ancient poetry, based on research. She has performed for National Archaeological Museum in Athens, among other universities and international organizations. She has taught ancient languages, history, and mythology. As President of California Classical Association South, she organizes panels twice a year. She is co-creator and host of Cosmote TV, History Channel, “Ancient Greek Culture, Now!” which aired January 2021 in Greece. She is a 2021 Associate and Grant recipient, and Visiting Artist, for The Center for Hellenic Studies at Harvard University.


From here you can access Bettina’s Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter feeds, as mentioned during the discussion.