Works and Days

Book Club | August 2016: Pandora

Dear fellow readers, As you are enjoying the hot days of summer, you are invited to take a seat under the shade and read the Book Club selection and discuss it with your fellow readers to cool down! We will be reading Hesiod’s Works and Days, section: ‘Pandora’, lines 53–105; and Theogony, section: ‘Prometheus: Pandora and the Lineage of Women’, lines 570–616. Please join the discussion in the forum, here,… Read more

Errant Brothers

A guest post by Sarah Scott I was reading Gregory Nagy’s translation of the Sappho ‘Brothers’ poem, and it made me think of Works and Days, and then I got to wondering about brothers—or sisters for that matter. I do not mean those who form a pair, as in the ‘twin’ myths discussed with us by Douglas Frame for example, where the two are complementary. Rather, I mean those siblings… Read more

Herakles’ Ambivalence in Euripidean Tragedy: the Age of the Heroes, the Age of Humanity

~ A bilingual English-Portuguese guest post by Renan Falcheti Peixoto ~ Chorus antistrophe “If the gods were wise and understood men                                                  655 they would bring a second youth, as a visible mark on those who display excellence [aretē], and dying, would come                                              660 back to the light of the sun again to run a… Read more

Hesiodic Advice on Oinops

~ A guest post by Sarah Scott and the Oinops Study Group ~ In our initial discussions we concentrated on the Homeric epics and identified some of the themes that appear in our focus passages. When we viewed together the main subjects surrounding the words appearing with oinops, pontos, ‘sea’, and bous, ‘ox’, we started to see a connection with seasonality (see ‘Oinops and Oxen’), so we decided to look in… Read more