Book Club | August 2016: Pandora

Word Cloud Pandora

Dear fellow readers,

As you are enjoying the hot days of summer, you are invited to take a seat under the shade and read the Book Club selection and discuss it with your fellow readers to cool down! We will be reading Hesiod’s Works and Days, section: ‘Pandora’, lines 53–105; and Theogony, section: ‘Prometheus: Pandora and the Lineage of Women’, lines 570–616. Please join the discussion in the forum, here, and we will be meeting on Tuesday, August 30 at 11 a.m. EDT, via Google+ Hangout.

Happy readings!

Janet, Hélène, and Sarah

You can find both passages in the Sourcebook, here.

There are also translations online by Hugh G. Evelyn-White:

Works and Days: or Perseus, starting here

Theogony: or Perseus, starting here.