Book Club

Book Club | April: Aesop’s Fables

A Hare one day ridiculed the short feet and slow pace of the Tortoise, who replied, laughing: ‘Though you be swift as the wind, I will beat you in a race.’ The Hare, believing her assertion to be simply impossible, assented to the proposal; and they agreed that the Fox should choose the course and fix the goal. On the day appointed for the race the two started together. The… Read more

Book Club | March: Herodotus Histories

This is the display of the inquiry of Herodotus of Halicarnassus, so that things done by man not be forgotten in time, and that great and marvelous deeds, some displayed by the Hellenes, some by the barbarians, not lose their glory, including among others what was the cause of their waging war on each other. (Herodotus Histories 1.1.0) Our next Book Club will feature selections from Herodotus Histories: Book 1… Read more

Book Club | February: Beowulf

“The bold man, proud prince of the Weders, answered him, spoke a word in reply, stern under his helmet: ‘We are Hygelac’s table-companions; Beowulf is my name. I wish to tell my errand to the son of Healfdene, the famous prince, thy lord, if he will grant that we may greet him who is so gracious.’ Wulfgar spoke—he was a man of the Wendels; his courage, his bravery and his… Read more

Upcoming Book Club Selections: Spring 2016

We are excited to share the themes for the upcoming Hour 25 Book Club selections. Look out for further announcements with details of the texts, and the related forum threads, nearer the time! Tuesday March 29: Herodotus Tuesday April 26: Aesop Tuesday May 31: Celtic mythology There will also be CHS Open House discussions to tie in with these themes. Since many of you were unable to attend the January… Read more

Book Club | January: The Epic of Gilgamesh

I will proclaim to the world the deeds of Gilgamesh. This was the man to whom all things were known; this was the king who knew the countries of the world.  He was wise,  he saw  mysteries and knew secret things, he brought us a tale of the days before the  flood.  He went on a long journey, was weary,  worn-out with labor, returning he rested, he engraved on a… Read more