Book Club

Book Club | September 2017: Aristophanes Plutus

What an unhappy fate, great gods, to be the slave of a fool! A servant may give the best of advice, but if his master does not follow it, [5] the poor slave must inevitably have his share in the disaster; for fortune does not allow him to dispose of his own body, it belongs to his master who has bought it. Alas! ’tis the way of the world. But… Read more

Upcoming Book Club Selections: Fall 2017

We are excited to share the themes for the Fall 2017 sessions of the Book Club when we will be reading selections from the following: September Aristophanes Plutus October Albert Bates Lord Epic Singers and Oral Tradition November Poetry of Horace Look out for announcements with details of the selections, and the related forum threads, which will be posted near the beginning of each month, with the hangouts scheduled for… Read more

Book Club | August 2017: Virgil Aeneid 11 & 12

…Latinus himself was amazed at these mighty men, born at opposite ends of the world, meeting and deciding the outcome with their swords. As soon as the field was clear on the open plain, they both dashed quickly forward, hurling their spears first from a distance, rushing, with shield and ringing bronze, to battle. The earth groaned: they redoubled their intense sword-strokes, chance and skill mingled together. (Aeneid 12.707–714, translated… Read more

Book Club | July 2017: Virgil Aeneid Books 9 & 10

While thus in distant region moves the war, down to bold Turnus Saturn’s daughter sends celestial Iris. In a sacred vale, the seat of worship at his grandsire’s tomb, Pilumnus, Faunus’ son, the hero mused. And thus the wonder-child of Thaumas called with lips of rose: (Aeneid 9.1–7  translated by Theodore C.Williams) In previous Book Club discussions we have read Virgil’s Aeneid Books 1–8, which covered the fall of Troy, the escape… Read more

Book Club | June 2017: Virgil Aeneid Books 7 & 8

Now had the flaming sun attained his way to the mid-sphere of heaven, when they discerned walls and a citadel in distant view, with houses few and far between; ‘t was there, where sovran Rome to-day has rivalled Heaven, Evander’s realm its slender strength displayed: swiftly they turned their prows and neared the town. (Aeneid 8.95–101, translated by A.S. Kline) In previous Book Club discussions we have read Virgil’s Aeneid Books 1–6,… Read more