Book Club | July 2018: Argonautica, Books 1 & 2

Wordcloud Argo sailing

Beginning with thee, O Phoebus, I will recount the famous deeds of men of old, who, at the behest of King Pelias, down through the mouth of Pontus and between the Cyanean rocks, sped well-benched Argo in quest of the golden fleece.

In July and August we will be reading the complete Argonautica by Apollonius of Rhodes. This month we will read Books 1 and 2. Discussion will start in the forum, and we will meet by Google+ Hangout on Tuesday, July 31st at 5 a.m. EDT and/or 11 a.m. EDT, which should enable people in different time-zones to join. Links will be posted in the forum at those times.

As usual, you can read any translation you like. You can find free online versions as follows:

Happy readings!