Open House | Apollonius’ Argonautica: Earth, Sky, and Sea, with Jackie Murray

We were excited to welcome Jackie Murray for an Open House entitled “Apollonius’ Argonautica: Earth, Sky, and Sea.” The event took place on Friday, February 25 at 11:00 a.m. EST and was recorded. To get ready for the event, you might like to read Book 1 and Book 2 of the Argonautica by Apollonius of Rhodes. Translation by R.C. Seaton at Project Gutenberg to read online or download (also available… Read more

Book Club | August 2018: Argonautica, Books 3 & 4

Hereupon Jason snatched the golden fleece from the oak, at the maiden bidding; and she, standing firm, smeared with the charm the monster’s head, till Jason himself bade her turn back towards their ship, and she left the grove of Ares, dusky with shade. And as a maiden catches on her finely wrought robe the gleam of the moon at the full, as it rises above her high-roofed chamber; and… Read more

Book Club | July 2018: Argonautica, Books 1 & 2

Beginning with thee, O Phoebus, I will recount the famous deeds of men of old, who, at the behest of King Pelias, down through the mouth of Pontus and between the Cyanean rocks, sped well-benched Argo in quest of the golden fleece. In July and August we will be reading the complete Argonautica by Apollonius of Rhodes. This month we will read Books 1 and 2. Discussion will start in… Read more

Book Club: Apollonius Rhodius Argonautica

Eros passed unseen through the grey mist, causing confusion …. And quickly beneath the lintel in the porch he strung his bow and took from the quiver an arrow unshot before, messenger of pain. And with swift feet unmarked he passed the threshold and keenly glanced around; and gliding close by Aeson’s son he laid the arrow-notch on the cord in the center, and drawing wide apart with both hands… Read more