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What is Kosmos Society?

The Kosmos Society (formerly called Hour 25) is a vibrant online community for Humanistic study with a focus on the the Classical World and its rich connections to our modern lives. Through the work of dedicated community members, the Kosmos Society provides access to a growing collection of resources and an international community of learners who care about close reading and thoughtful dialogue.

We use a collaborative model and online tools to enable independent and community-led study of ancient languages and texts, and we strive to document our progress and procedures openly.

We welcome new participants and partners who are interested in advancing meaningful, civil discourse on a wide variety of topics in Classics. Please use the Application form at the bottom of the Home page to join in the conversation.

Welcome to new and prospective members

We are so happy that you are interested in taking part in the learning and amazing dialogue here at the Kosmos Society!

If you’ve just joined, please log in and introduce yourself in the Forum!

The Kosmos Society project incorporates resources and community activities. There is a monthly Book Club. You can join others to read and discuss ancient works or new scholarship, ask questions, or share ideas. There are community-led study groups for learning Greek and Latin, and for translating and discussing primary texts, alongside a variety of learning resources and videos. The Forums provide an opportunity to discuss texts, ideas and projects, to build community, and to take part in fun quizzes (if you enjoy green checkmarks and red Xs!). Members produce a growing number of blog post articles about Ancient Greek, Roman, and other related literature, language, and many other topics related to the classical studies. Community members have also been delighted to be invited to join on YouTube with visiting scholars for talks and discussions.

Since the Kosmos Society has no assessments or schedules, there is a great deal of flexibility in how you choose to continue your learning. In this project we are sharing our reading experiences, diverse skills, and friendship as we engage with ancient literature in fun and meaningful ways. Scholars may join our discussions, but there are no “teachers” and “students.” Instead, we are all learning together as fellow community members. Each of us, including you, can be a leader in the community. So please jump right in!

Would you like to become more involved?

We are continually seeking to involve new participants interested in advancing meaningful, civil discourse on topics relevant to classical studies.

There are regular Zoom socials and Members’ Meetings where you can suggest ideas or volunteer your help to keep Kosmos Society thriving and evolving.

We encourage members to write blogposts so if you are interested in contributing an article, you are welcome to propose your ideas to the Editorial team. We have produced some guidelines for authors which provide information about subject matter, style, treatment, referencing, and illustrations:

Blogpost Guidelines for Authors v1 (PDF)

If you are interested in joining one of the projects or initiatives, please email kosmos.helpdesk (at) gmail.com, or post in the Forums.

Further information

About this site

If you would like help with site navigation and finding content, please visit the About page.


If you would like more information about how to use the site or take part in community activities, check out the FAQ page for Frequently Asked Questions. There is also a Support Section in the Forums where members can post questions.

Again, welcome and enjoy this beautiful community that we are creating together!

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