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The site is currently being updated, so if you have visited before, you will notice some changes. This page provides a quick guide to navigation and an overview of the content. Note: screenshots currently reflect the appearance of the website at kosmossociety.org up to September 30, 2023, but much of the navigation will remain the same after the move to kosmossociety.org

Most of the content on the Kosmos Society website is openly available to all visitors to the site. The Discussion Forums and study groups are open to registered members.


Main menu

The main Kosmos Society menu provides access to different types of content:

Screenshot showing main menu

Additional navigation

There are additional navigational features at the top left and top right: Screenshot: additional navigation To return to the home page at any time:
  • select the CHS lighthouse icon at the top left
  • alternatively, select the text “The Kosmos Society” at the top left
Screenshot - return to home page To search the website (articles and pages) AND To display an additional menu from which you can access other pages at the Center for Hellenic Studies:
  • select the “More” menu icon (three horizontal lines) at the top left
  • alternatively, select the “Search” icon (magnifying glass) at the top right
Search or display more -screenshot To close the Search / More menu:
  • select the close (x) button at the top left
Close search / menu

Home page navigation and content

The Home page provides easy access to articles and related content.

The top section displays the navigation menus, featured pages or posts, and a mini-calendar showing upcoming activities or events.

Screenshot of top part of Home page

The middle section displays recently published articles, and quick access to Texts, Learning Greek, and Online Open House videos.

Screenshot middle section of Home page

The bottom section displays an application form to join Kosmos Society. (The In Focus and Receive CHS Emails sections illustrated in the screenshot will not appear at kosmossociety.org) 

Screenshot bottom part of Home page


Read more details about the rich and varied content available you can find through each option on every menu:


Welcome menu screenshot

The Welcome menu provides information about the Kosmos Society.

  • Welcome—a page introducing and explaining more about the Kosmos Society
  • Home page—the main page of the Kosmos Society website
  • About this site—this page
  • FAQ—frequently asked questions about the Kosmos Society, including how to register, how to use the forums, and guidance about using Zoom for community activities

Read articles

Read articles menu screenshot

The Read articles menu provides easy navigational access to articles:

  • Read articles—archive of articles (blog posts) in reverse date order
  • Gallery articles—galleries of images on various themes
  • History articles—articles and Online Open House events on ancient history
  • Topic for discussion—articles exploring a theme and inviting further discussion
  • Travel articles—members’ travel experiences related to the classical world
  • Announcements—news about events, publications, and other items of interest
  • Articles index—an index of subjects based on tags

Read texts

Read texts menu - screenshot

The Read texts menu provides access to close reading resources.

  • Text Library—read and explore primary texts with selected Greek vocabulary tracked. There are also links to additional resources related to these texts.
  • Text articles—translations of additional texts, and articles that introduce individual texts
  • Book Club—readings and links to free online primary and secondary texts. Even if you missed the live discussion date, you might like to use these suggestions for your own reading
  • H24H Core Vocab list—selected Greek vocabulary from The Ancient Greek Hero in 24 Hours that is tracked in the primary texts in the Text Library; also a handout of additional Greek terms from H24H.
  • Key terms for Thucydides–vocabulary that is tracked in the augmented translations of Thucydides which can be found in the Text Library
  • Word studies—articles about Greek terms, and guides to using online research tools to carry out word studies


Learn menu - screenshot

The Learn menu provides access to learning resources related to classical studies.

  • Greek—resources for learning and reading ancient Greek, including an introduction to Homeric Greek for beginners, Attic Greek videos (based on Hansen & Quinn), Translation and word study guides, Reading Homer video series, and links to resources for digital philology. There are also details of Kosmos Society study groups
  • Articles on ancient Greek language—articles, interviews, and guides to using online digital language tools such as Perseus, Scaife, Logeion
  • Reading Homeric Greek series—series of videos on reading Homeric epic in ancient Greek, with Gregory Nagy, Leonard Muellner, and Douglas Frame
  • Latin—links to online resources for learning and reading Latin, and details of Kosmos Society study groups
  • History resources—resources related to ancient history, including videos, links to primary texts online, articles by community members, and selected publications at the Center for Hellenic Studies
  • HeroesX—MOOC on The Ancient Greek Hero in 24 Hours at edX


Watch menu - screenshot

The Watch menu provides access to video discussions.

  • Online Open House—video presentations and discussions with visiting scholars and artists, listed by name
  • Videos by theme—video presentations and discussions with visiting scholars and artists, listed by subject matter
  • Videos by date—video presentations and discussions with visiting scholars and artists, in reverse date order
  • Other video dialogues—interviews, lectures, and dialogues
    Reading Greek Tragedy Online—reading and discussion of ancient Greek tragedy


Discuss menu - screenshot

The Discuss menu provides access to the members’ pages.

  • Discuss—members’ discussion Forum
  • Kosmos Society Log in—login page
  • Forums—members’ discussion Forum
  • Calendar—upcoming and past events


The final menu option provides links to other websites. This will be updated with additional links or sections from time to time.


We will update this page further when the design is finalized, but in the meantime we hope you will explore the content.

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