Homer Multitext

The Homer Multitext Update

The Homer Multitext annual summer seminar is set to begin July 5th at CHS! As we close in on finishing our complete edition of the text and scholia of the Venetus A manuscript of the Iliad, we will turn our attention to Iliad 20, a book that seems preoccupied with the mythological and poetic tradition, and things happening at the wrong time. Read about Iliad 20 in the latest post… Read more

An Exploration of Homeric Multitextuality

~ A guest post by Jenna Cole ~ While thinking about oinops in the course of our word study, one passage stood out as unusual because oinops appears in one published edition of the Greek Iliad text but not in another. For Scroll I, line 350, Chicago Homer, which is based on the 1902 Oxford edition by D.B. Munro, gives this: θῖν’ ἔφ’ ἁλὸς πολιῆς, ὁρόων ἐπὶ οἴνοπα πόντον: But… Read more