Book Club

Book Club | January 2020: Aristotle Poetics

Let us here deal with Poetry, its essence and its several species, with the characteristic function of each species and the way in which plots must be constructed if the poem is to be a success; and also with the number and character of the constituent parts of a poem, and similarly with all other matters proper to this same inquiry; and let us, as nature directs, begin first with… Read more

Book Club | Winter 2020

There will be no Book Club in December, due to the holiday season, but we will resume in the new year when we will be reading ancient Greek and Roman texts with a focus on poetry. Here is a preview what is coming up: look out for announcements at the beginning of January, February, and March with details of the selections, links to free online versions, and the dates for… Read more

Book Club | November 2019: Euripides Trojan Women

The maidens I brought up to see chosen for some marriage high, for strangers have I reared them, and seen them snatched away. Nevermore can I hope to be seen by them, nor shall my eyes behold them ever in the days to come. And last, to crown my misery, I shall be brought to Hellas, a slave in my old age. Our Book Club selection this month is a… Read more

Forthcoming Book Club selections | Fall 2019

As our summer readings draw to a close, we look ahead to the Fall season of the Book Club. We will be reading selections from secondary sources, and from ancient Greek primary texts, with a focus on drama. September: Menander October: selections from Edith Hall Greek and Roman Actors November: Euripides Look out for further announcements in September, October, and November with details of the selections, links to free online… Read more

Book Club | August 2019: Apollodorus Library, 3.8–3.16

When Thetis had got a babe by Peleus, she wished to make it immortal, and unknown to Peleus she used to hide it in the fire by night in order to destroy the mortal element which the child inherited from its father, but by day she anointed him with ambrosia. But Peleus watched her, and, seeing the child writhing on the fire, he cried out; and Thetis, thus prevented from… Read more