Book Club

Book Club | July 2022: Constitution of the Lacedaemonians

It occurred to me one day that Sparta, though among the most thinly populated of states, was evidently the most powerful and most celebrated city in Greece; and I fell to wondering how this could have happened. But when I considered the institutions of the Spartans, I wondered no longer. Lycurgus, who gave them the laws that they obey, and to which they owe their prosperity, I do regard with… Read more

Book Club | June 2022: Bring Your Own Book

Back by popular demand! For June you can bring your own selection, one book that you like or dislike, and share your thoughts about it. You can read any book (or part of a book) you like related to the ancient Greeks, whether primary or secondary source, and depending on how many are in the session you will be allotted some time to convince us to read (or not) the… Read more

Book Club | Winter–Spring 2022

We’ve had some great discussions in the Book Club over the past year, both on Zoom and in the Forum. As always, it’s been a voyage of discovery, enriched and enlivened by comparing thoughts and ideas! Due to the holiday season there will be no Book Club selection for December, but here is a preview of what is coming up in the first part of 2022. January: Pausanias Description of… Read more

Book Club | October 2021: Agamemnon, the Pathetic Despot

For October, we will be reading Andrew Porter’s 2019 book Agamemnon, the Pathetic Despot: Reading Characterization in Homer, available at the Center for Hellenic Studies website. That page provides an overview of his approach to the subject: Agamemnon led a ten-year-long struggle at Troy only to return home and die a pathetic death at his wife’s hands. Yet while Agamemnon’s story exerts an outsize influence—rivaled by few epic personalities—on the… Read more

Book Club | August 2021: Apuleius Metamorphoses VII–XI

I was harnessed to what seemed the largest wheel of the mill: my head was covered with a sack and I was at once given a shove along the curving track of its circular bed. In a circumscribed orbit, ever retracing my steps, I travelled on that fixed path, however I’d not completely lost my intellect and cunning, and made it look as though, as an apprentice to the trade,… Read more