Book Club | June 2023: Bring Your Own Book

Wordcloud group of people sitting in a circle reading  books with books

It’s June, so the choice is over to you. As in previous years, you can bring your own selection, one book that you like, or dislike, and share your thoughts about it.

You can read any book (or part of a book) you like related to the ancient Greeks, whether a primary or secondary source. Depending on how many attend the live discussion you will be allocated some time to convince us to read (or not to read!) the book.

Most of us already have a reading wish-list or a pile of unread books, but if you are not sure what to read next, there are translations of primary texts at Perseus, and there are plenty of books and articles available online for free at the Center for Hellenic Studies Publications page.

We will start and continue discussion in the Forum, where you can post your selection, and we will meet via Zoom on Tuesday June 27 at 11 a.m. EDT.

Happy readings!