The Trojan Women

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The themes depicted in the myth of the fall of Troy inspired ancient Greek tragedies, such as the Trojan Women of Euripides, and other works by writers and dramatists of ancient Rome and of later periods. The subject has also inspired many artists from ancient times to the current day. The universal and powerful themes of the suffering of the most vulnerable—women, children, and the elderly—still have relevance and resonance.… Read more

Introducing Euripides Trojan Women

A “heroized” edition of the Trojan Women We are pleased to share in the Text Library a revised translation of the Trojan Women of Euripides that tracks Core Vocab words in the same way as the Sourcebook of Primary Texts in Translation used in HeroesX.[1] This was the result of a community-driven collaborative “heroization” project. The group revised a translation to indicate each and every occurrence of a Heroes core vocabulary term… Read more

Book Club | November 2019: Euripides Trojan Women

The maidens I brought up to see chosen for some marriage high, for strangers have I reared them, and seen them snatched away. Nevermore can I hope to be seen by them, nor shall my eyes behold them ever in the days to come. And last, to crown my misery, I shall be brought to Hellas, a slave in my old age. Our Book Club selection this month is a… Read more