Book Club | November 2019: Euripides Trojan Women

Wordcloud Trohan Women

The maidens I brought up to see chosen for some marriage high, for strangers have I reared them, and seen them snatched away. Nevermore can I hope to be seen by them, nor shall my eyes behold them ever in the days to come. And last, to crown my misery, I shall be brought to Hellas, a slave in my old age.

Our Book Club selection this month is a tragedy by Euripides, the Trojan Women. Discussion will start and continue in the forum, and we will meet for a community reading on Tuesday November 19, at 11 am EST, and on Tuesday November 26, at 11 am EST, for discussion.

As always, you can read any translation you like, but for the community reading we will use the forthcoming ‘heroized’ version published on this site within the next few days, and you might also like to use that version for study since it will incorporate the Core Vocabulary terms from Gregory Nagy’s The Ancient Greek Hero in 24 Hours.

Other translations available online include:

Happy readings!