Sappho 44

Open House | Sappho 44, with Gregory Nagy

We were pleased to welcome back Gregory Nagy of Harvard University for an Online Open House discussion about Sappho Song 44 and about his postings on Classical Inquiries. The process of remembering in ancient Greek song culture requires a special medium, song. When I say song here, I include poetry, even though the word poetry in modern usage is understood to be different from song. In the ancient Greek song culture, however, both poetry and song are understood to… Read more

Connections: Sappho, Epic, and Women Singers in India and Beyond

Many community members have been reading Gregory Nagy’s recent commentary about Song 44 of Sappho and the role of women in the making of epic on the Classical Inquiries website. Below are some resources for additional study inspired by that post. Primary Texts Sappho (trans. Gregory Nagy), on the CHS website. Also, see Sappho 44 below. Epic Barbara Graziosi, “Homer and the definition of epic, Classics@Issue 3 Gregory Nagy, “Epic” Shubha Pathak, Divine yet Human Epics: Reflections… Read more