Hesiodic Advice on Oinops

~ A guest post by Sarah Scott and the Oinops Study Group ~ In our initial discussions we concentrated on the Homeric epics and identified some of the themes that appear in our focus passages. When we viewed together the main subjects surrounding the words appearing with oinops, pontos, ‘sea’, and bous, ‘ox’, we started to see a connection with seasonality (see ‘Oinops and Oxen’), so we decided to look in… Read more

Oinops and Oxen

~ A guest post by Sarah Scott & Jacqui Donlon and the Oinops Study Group ~ …and aboard each vessel crowded full Arcadian companies skilled in war. Agamemnon himself, the lord of men had given them those well-benched ships to plow the wine-dark sea, since works of the sea meant nothing to those landsmen.  Iliad II [1] We had seen in ‘Oinops and the Wide Open Sea’ that most of the… Read more

οἴνοπα πόντον: Oinops and the Wide Open Sea

~ A guest blog by Sarah Scott & Janet Ozsolak and the Oinops Study Group ~ Zeus struck my ship with his thunderbolts, and broke it up in the middle of the wine-faced [oinops] sea [pontos] (Odyssey vii, 249–252) Although we had searched on the Greek word oinops, once we had the list of passages we had been reading them in translation. The word ‘sea’ had been prominent in the… Read more

Seeing Oinops through a Different Lens

~A guest post by Jacqui Donlon and the Oinops Study Group~ This photo inspired me to think about light. Notice how sometimes the waves appear dark, while some waves glisten and reflect light. It has to do with the angles of light, called technically the angle of incidence. I wanted to know more about light but my dim memories of high school physics were not going to suffice. This is research that… Read more

Connecting with Oinops

~ A guest post by Jenna Cole and the Oinops Study Group ~ Last week in the post Searching for Oinops, we shared some of the tools that we used to recreate the meaning of oinops.  Our approach is based on the same methods used by Nagy in H24H – selecting a focus word and then evaluating each occurrence in early Greek epic. Lenny Muellner has written a beautiful article on… Read more