Open House | Uncanny Intruders: Ghosts and Greek Literature, with Robert Cioffi

We were pleased to welcome Robert Cioffi of Bard College, for an Open House discussion entitled “Uncanny Intruders: Ghosts and Greek Literature.” The discussion was live-streamed on Friday, October 23 at 11 a.m. EDT, and was recorded. In preparation for this event, you might like to read this passages: The ghost of Patroklos at Iliad 23.65–108, available from the Ancient Greek Hero in 24 Hours Sourcebook The ghost of Clytemnestra… Read more

Book Club | February 2018: Lucian Dialogues of the Dead

Our next Book Club selection is from Lucian, whose satirical dialogues poked fun at philosophers and mythological characters. We will be reading The Dialogues of the Dead; here are a selection of translations available free online: Translation by H.W. & F.G. Fowler: Online at or Online at Translation by William Tooke: Dialogues of the Dead starts at (printed) page 191 Online at Translation by Howard Williams: Dialogues of the… Read more

Open House | Zeus in Comedy, with Jeffrey Rusten

We were pleased to welcome Jeffrey Rusten of Cornell University, Department of Classics for an Open House discussion about Zeus in Comedy. In preparation, you might like to read: Iliad 14.153–360, 15.1–235, 16.419–461, 22.157–187 Aristophanes Plutus (“Wealth”) lines 33–144 and 1019–1190 Passages from Lucian (PDF) You can watch the event in the frame below, or on our YouTube channel. You can join the discussion in the forum. For further videos please visit the Watch… Read more

An Interview with Homer

~ A guest post by Laura Ford ~ The ancients seem to have had as many questions about Homer as we moderns do. At the end of the Apology, Plato has Socrates wonder aloud how marvelous it would be if we could anticipate actually meeting and conversing with Homer (along with Orpheus, Musaeus, and Hesiod) in the afterlife: “…if this be true, let me die again and again.” (41a, Sourcebook).… Read more