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Book Club | February: Beowulf

“The bold man, proud prince of the Weders, answered him, spoke a word in reply, stern under his helmet: ‘We are Hygelac’s table-companions; Beowulf is my name. I wish to tell my errand to the son of Healfdene, the famous prince, thy lord, if he will grant that we may greet him who is so gracious.’ Wulfgar spoke—he was a man of the Wendels; his courage, his bravery and his… Read more

Armenian Song Culture—Vahagn

  The Heritage of Armenian Literature [1] opens up with a chapter about oral tradition. The information about the Armenian oral tradition comes from the History of the Armenians by Moses of Khoren. He mentions different forms of story telling about the ancient Armenian heroes. Zruyts “old and unwritten stories, to which Moses of Khoren attaches a high degree of credibility. Less credible ones, what he terms araspels or legends… Read more