ancient Greek poetry

Greek dialects and the poetic super-language

In this video, Gregory Nagy, Douglas Frame, and Leonard Muellner provide an introduction to how ancient Greek dialects function in Homeric poetry: : what the different dialects are, how different forms fit into the metrical structure, and the evolution and perpetuation of the poetic super-language.. Topics include: Attic Greek koinē Ionian Aeolian metrical differences and lack of redundancy formulae evolution and perpetuation of the poetic super-language Related topics Greek dialects… Read more

Open House | Sappho 44, with Gregory Nagy

We were pleased to welcome back Gregory Nagy of Harvard University for an Online Open House discussion about Sappho Song 44 and about his postings on Classical Inquiries. The process of remembering in ancient Greek song culture requires a special medium, song. When I say song here, I include poetry, even though the word poetry in modern usage is understood to be different from song. In the ancient Greek song culture, however, both poetry and song are understood to… Read more

Open House | Ancient Greek Brides, Death, and Exchange, with Olga Levaniouk

Our community recently welcomed Professor Olga Levaniouk of the University of Washington to the Chatroom. (We hope to share that transcript with you in the coming days.) After the live chat, Professor Levaniouk joined us by video to share additional thoughts about her research on ancient Greek weddings. Together we raise and discuss several provocative questions such as: Why does the bride wish for death at one point in the… Read more