absent signifier

Under discussion: “That Man!”

~ A guest post by Janet Ozsolak ~ The active interaction among the bard, internal audience and the external audience in a Homeric performance intrigued me since Version 1 of the HeroesX project. I wondered how the external audience, in the 5th century BCE, processed such a complicated narrative (Homeric Iliad and Odyssey). How did they kept them near and dear to their song culture? How did they connect the… Read more

Under Discussion: O Absent Signifier!

~ A guest post by Jacqui Donlon ~ If you have been cruising around the Forum lately watching the home page videos or participating with the visiting scholars, you would have heard this phrase quite a lot. Absent signifier. I first heard this term in the HeroesX discussion board posts from Lenny Mueller. Now that I have started reading more of Douglas Frame’s work, I see it there. It is… Read more

Open House | Nestor and Indo-European Twin Myths, with Douglas Frame

We are pleased to share the following video featuring classicist Douglas Frame in which he talks about the role of Nestor in the Homeric poems. He is joined by members of the Hour 25 (now Kosmos Society) community. Together they also discuss absent signifiers, nostos, and Indo-European twin myths. You can watch on our YouTube channel, or in the frame below. You may also download the transcript for this video:… Read more