Reading Homeric poetry without a safety net

In this video Leonard Muellner, Gregory Nagy, and Douglas Frame talk about the experience of reading Homer together without doing any preparations, as a playful and open-minded activity.

Over the coming weeks we will be sharing further segments of the series on reading Homeric epic in ancient Greek. In each installment they read, translate, and discuss a small passage in the original Greek in the most accessible way. If you’ve ever dreamed of reading Homer in the original, here is your chance to do so with teachers who have spent a lifetime thinking about this poetry. With their guidance even new readers can enjoy “the poetry of grammar and the grammar of poetry” that make Homeric epic so exquisite and rewarding. See here for earlier segments in the series.

And members of the Kosmos Society who are inspired by their example can join study groups in which we enjoy reading, translating, and discussing the Homeric Odyssey and Iliad, and other ancient Greek texts—but with the safety nets of dictionaries and references to help us! If you are interested in joining any of the groups, even if you have little experience in Greek, please look for the links at the top of the Forum page or go to the Study Groups section.

‘Reading Homer’ series