Open House | Herakles, and The Best of the Achaeans with Gregory Nagy

On Thursday May 1st 2014, at 12:00 noon EDT, Professor Gregory Nagy (Harvard University) joined members of Hour 25 (now Kosmos Society) for a live discussion and broadcast via Google Hangout. You can watch the recording on our YouTube channel or via the frame embedded in this post below. Thanks to all who submitted questions in the Forum, and who participated in and watched the hangout.

Discussion with Gregory Nagy

You can watch on our YouTube channel, or in the frame below.

Gregory Nagy. 1999. The Best of the Achaeans

Update: You may download a transcript of the discussion here: Euripides_Herakles_and_Best_of_the_Achaeans_with_Prof_Greg_Nagy (PDF)

And you can watch Professor Nagy’s second, follow-up, visit with Douglas Frame

For further videos please visit the Watch page.