Transcript: nostos, Names, and the Younger Generation of Heroes | Open House, with Gregory Nagy

Greek domestic scene

We were pleased to welcome Gregory Nagy, and Allie Marbry, for another Open House session.

Following last week’s conversation, and in conjunction with the readings of the Book Club, our discussion topics included questions from the community about some of the issues that emerged from those conversations, including:

  • The nostos of Odysseus, and the nostos of Telemakhos
  • The naming of Odysseus by Autolykos, and their association with Hermes, including the epithet polutropos
  • Multiform myths of the Cyclopes
  • Telemakhos, Peisistratos, and foundation myths

Due to some technical difficulties with the video, this event is available only in transcription:

Open_House_Discussion: nostos, Names, and the Younger Generation of Heroes (PDF)

Image credit

Picture (copyright-free): from The Complete Encyclopedia of Illustration, J.G. Heck