Visiting Scholars

Open House | Nestor and Indo-European Twin Myths, with Douglas Frame

We are pleased to share the following video featuring classicist Douglas Frame in which he talks about the role of Nestor in the Homeric poems. He is joined by members of the Hour 25 (now Kosmos Society) community. Together they also discuss absent signifiers, nostos, and Indo-European twin myths. You can watch on our YouTube channel, or in the frame below. You may also download the transcript for this video:… Read more

Open House | The Odyssey and Breaking Bad, with Joel Christensen

Joel Christensen on the Odyssey, Breaking Bad, and Problematic Endings Professor Joel Christensen (University of Texas, San Antonio) joined us to discuss the ways that Breaking Bad can help us rethink our reading of Odysseus and the violent ending of the Odyssey. He was joined in this video dialogue by several members of the community. Together they raise and discuss provocative questions such as: How do Odysseus and Walter White… Read more

Video Library

These short videos feature discussions about: Homer and the three Cs: Content, conversation, and community, with Leonard Muellner and Gregory Nagy Cartoons, the Homeric Hymns, and Drawing as a daily ritual, with Glynnis Fawkes Ancient Greek brides, death, and exchange, with Olga Levaniouk Anchises, Aphrodite, and Zeus, with Leonard Muellner Gregory Nagy and Leonard Muellner: Homer & the Three C’s: Content, Conversation, and Community     Glynnis Fawkes on Cartoons,… Read more

Interview | Cartoons and the Homeric Hymns with Artist Glynnis Fawkes

Glynnis Fawkes on Cartoons, Homeric Hymns, and Drawing as a Daily Ritual Our community recently welcomed Artist Glynnis Fawkes to the Chatroom. A few days later, Fawkes joined us by video to share additional thoughts about her work retelling Homeric Hymns through comics. Together we raise and discuss several provocative topics such as: the power of retelling classical myth through cartoons drawing as a method for “entering” a myth dealing… Read more

Archive: Posts by Leonard Muellner from HeroesXv2

We are happy to share the following archive of posts written by Leonard Muellner during the second session of HeroesX. Muellner is the Chair of the Board of Readers for HeroesX and Professor of Classical Studies at Brandeis University. He has been collaborating with Professor Gregory Nagy for over four decades. Post ID: Archive_HeroesXv2_LennyMuellner_1 Key Terms: song culture, kleos aphtiton, Milman Parry, Albert Lord Scroll 9 Iliad, modern oral traditions, Korea,… Read more