Beyond Translation: Using Perseus under PhiloLogic, for Word Studies

Here at Kosmos Society we have been continuing our exploration of the digital tools available that help us to carry out word searches and word studies. Most recently we have been using some of the features in Perseus under PhiloLogic. This is a set of search functions that take advantage of corpus linguistics research methods applied to a body of texts on Perseus.

These video demonstrations and the associated Quick Guides with Worked Examples show just a few examples of its functionality, and are designed to encourage you to try it for yourselves during the course of your researches.

Perseus under PhiloLogic #1 demonstrates how to search for words and phrases:

Perseus under PhiloLogic #2 demonstrates how to use wildcards, how to use the refined search options, and how to search for collocates:

These PDF files provide the worked examples fully illustrated with screenshots for you to try out for yourselves.

Quick_Guide_to_Using_Perseus_Under_PhiloLogic-Searching_for_Words (PDF)
Quick_Guide_to_Using_Perseus_Under_PhiloLogic-Refined-Searches (PDF)
Quick_Guide_to_Using_Perseus_Under_PhiloLogic-Searching_for_Collocates (PDF)

Members can comment in this thread in the Forum with any questions or comments, or to leave feedback and suggest other useful search patterns.

Useful links:
Perseus under PhiloLogic website (Greek search form)
Kosmos Society:
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