Annual Round-up | 2018

collage of images from 2018

Welcome to this round-up of highlights from the content, community, and conversation at Kosmos Society over the past year.

This year’s posts, designed to lead to further discussion in the forums, included some written by individual members, and others written collectively by groups. They included posts on subjects as diverse as ships, warfare, law, hair, rhapsodes, servitude, Aegina, Aiakos…. Here is a selection:

CHS Online Open Houses in 2018

Kosmos Society hosted bi-weekly CHS Online Open House gatherings where the distinguished guests presented variety of titles: from late Bronze Age burials at Mycenae to the Free First Thousand Years of Greek, from Sparta and its continuing myth to Exchanges in the Odyssey’s Underworld.

Reading Homer

This year, again, we were lucky to have Odyssey readings by Gregory Nagy, Leonard Muellner and Douglas Frame. The readings covered Odyssey 1.156–193:

Frame, Muellner, Nagy

Community activities

The language study groups (some for ancient Greek, Attic Greek and Homeric Greek, including translations and discussions of Homeric poetry, and one for Latin) meet to support each other’s learning and translations. You can find language study resources on the “Learn” page; please post in the forum if you would like to join a group or would like to know more.

The Book Club has been meeting monthly, and readings from primary and secondary sources included selections from Aeschylus, Plato, Muellner, Apollonius of Rhodes, Catullus, Sophocles, Monsacré, Pliny and Lucian…

Looking ahead

The community is welcoming new members who are joining from HeroesX and from elsewhere. Jump in and take part in discussions or activities. Here’s to 2019!