Interview | Ryan Fowler on Innovative Teaching and HeroesX Content

We are pleased to share the following video dialogue featuring CHS Sunoikisis Fellow in Curricular Development Ryan Fowler. Fowler is currently helping to teach an innovative Sunoikisis course titled “Reading the Iliad,” in which over 100 students from multiple universities are working together to engage deeply and slowly with one Homeric epic over  an entire semester. Students in this course are also using portions of the content available through HeroesX. We hope to host a joint session later this spring (2014) during which students from this course and participants from Hour 25 can discuss their various experiences reading the Iliad.

Ryan C. Fowler (PhD Rutgers University) recently completed two book manuscripts: The Imperial Plato (working title; forthcoming [2013], Parmenides Press), and Plato in the Third Sophistic (forthcoming [2014], De Gruyter Publishing). During the fall 2013 semester, Ryan is the course director for the Greek lyric Sunoikisis course with Gregory Nagy, and the Early Republican Literature Sunoikisis course with Niall Slater.

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