Book Club | March 2020: Poems of Tyrtaeus and Theognis

For the March Book Club we will be reading poems by Tyrtaeus and Theognis. Tyrtaeus was composing around the middle of the seventh century BCE, in Sparta. The surviving poems and fragments are mainly elegies and war poems, and make reference to heroism and to hoplite warfare.[1] Theognis was an elegiac poet composing in the sixth century BCE in Megara, although many poems attributed to him are later additions. The… Read more

Open House | Theognis, earwax and the end of the Lelantine War, with Natasha Bershadsky

We were pleased to welcome Natasha Bershadsky, Fellow in Ancient Greek History at the Center for Hellenic Studies, for an Open House discussion on the Lelantine War, which she describes as “an ancient conflict between Chalcis and Eretria, two neighboring cities on the island of Euboea, over the Lelantine plain, situated between them.” The event was streamed live on Thursday, October 4, at 11 a.m. EDT, and was recorded. Before… Read more