Homeric Greek | Odyssey 1.255–266: Wish or condition?

We are pleased to share this segment in the series on reading Homeric epic in ancient Greek. In each installment we read, translate, and discuss a small passage in the original Greek in the most accessible way. If you’ve ever dreamed of reading Homer in the original, here is your chance to do so with teachers who have spent a lifetime thinking about this poetry. With their guidance even new… Read more

Open House | Metus hostilis and fear appeals in 4th c. BCE rhetoric, with Maria G. Xanthou

We are pleased to welcome back Maria G. Xanthou for an Open House discussion on Metus hostilis: rhetorical configurations of fear in 4th century BCE rhetoric, focusing on Isocrates and Demosthenes. The event was streamed live on Thursday, January 31st, at 11 a.m. EST, and was recorded. To prepare for the event, you might like to read the focus passages in this PDF handout: Xanthou Open House Fear Appeals Handout… Read more