Pythian 3

Open House | Pindar’s Pythian 3 & 9, with Maria G. Xanthou

We were pleased to welcome back Maria G. Xanthou, University of Leeds, for a discussion on Pindar’s Pythian 3 and 9. Everyone is invited to view the recording below, or on our YouTube channel. To prepare for this conversation, participants might like to read the following focus passages translated by Maria G. Xanthou, available in a PDF handout: Pindar Pythian 3.101 ff. Pindar Isthmian 8.56 Homer Odyssey 24.58–73 Pindar Pythian… Read more

Book Club: Pindar

Come, take the Dorian lyre down from its peg, if the splendor of Pisa and of Pherenicus placed your mind under the influence of sweetest thoughts, when that horse ran swiftly beside the Alpheus, not needing to be spurred on in the race, and brought victory to his master, the king of Syracuse who delights in horses.[1] Dear readers, The Hour 25 Book Club will host a discussion on Pindar… Read more