The nomination period for the new SCS Forum Prize is open!

The Kosmos Society team is pleased to share news of the first annual nomination period for the Society for Classical Studies (SCS) Forum Prize. This prize recognizes outstanding contributions to public engagement made by non-academic works (e.g. essays, books, poems, articles, podcasts, films, and art) about the ancient Greek and Roman world. In 2018 the nomination period is open from now until October 1st. In 2019 the nomination period will be open from September… Read more

Core Vocab: āthlos, āthlētēs

A guest post by Sarah Scott With the Olympic Games coming up, this month’s Core Vocab word from H24H[1] and tracked in the associated Sourcebook[2] is āthlos (aethlos) [ἆθλος/ἄεθλος] ‘contest, ordeal; competition’; and āthlētēs [ἀθλητής], ‘athlete’ . In HeroesX Gregory Nagy introduces the word āthlētēs in a section about the Labors of Hēraklēs and the founding of the Olympic Games: Hēraklēs not only founded this major festival: he also competed in every athletic event… Read more