Aiakos: Judge Among the Immortals?

Aeacus [Aiakos] while he reigned in Aegina was renowned in all Greece for his justice and piety, and was frequently called upon to settle disputes not only among men, but even among the gods themselves.[1] Whether Aiakos actually settled disputes among the gods themselves is supported by Pindar when referring to the nymph Aegina who “…bore Aeacus [Aiakos], the dearest of all men on earth to the loud-thundering father. Aeacus… Read more

Pindar Nemean 1

Translation and notes by Jack Vaughan Pindar, First Nemean Epinikion For Khromios of Aetna or Syracuse, Victor in Four-Horse Chariot Race Sacred precinct where Alpheus comes to rest and catches breath[1], Ortygia, child of famed Syracuse, bedstead of Artemis, sister isle of Delos, from you my sweet-voiced hymn proceeds to set forth great ainos of storm-footed horses, gifts of Aetnaean Zeus. Nemea spurs on the chariot of Khromios[2] to yoke… Read more

Pindar, Second Nemean Epinikion

  A translation and notes by Jack Vaughan For Timodemos of Archarnai, Victor in Pankration Much as Homerid singers often begin their weaving of songs with a prelude honoring Zeus, this man, too, for a start has received an installment of a victory-studded career in the sacred contests in the much-celebrated hallowed precinct of Nemean Zeus. It still behooves him, the son of Timonoos, if his life’s time, guided straight according to the ways of his fathers, has been given as an adornment to… Read more

Open House | Pindar’s Pythian 3 & 9, with Maria G. Xanthou

We were pleased to welcome back Maria G. Xanthou, University of Leeds, for a discussion on Pindar’s Pythian 3 and 9. Everyone is invited to view the recording below, or on our YouTube channel. To prepare for this conversation, participants might like to read the following focus passages translated by Maria G. Xanthou, available in a PDF handout: Pindar Pythian 3.101 ff. Pindar Isthmian 8.56 Homer Odyssey 24.58–73 Pindar Pythian… Read more

Aphaia’s Temple in Aegina

  To visit Greece is an experience filled with emotions. Long ago, I traveled to the beautiful island of Aegina. The isle is in the Saronic Gulf, not far from Athens. The vision of the temple of Aphaia is amazing. I dedicate this post to Myrmidon, who is our talented Friday Café host, because the island of Aegina is where Myrmidons liked to train. According to Hesiod (Hesiod F 205… Read more