Paul O’Mahony

Open House | Crossing the Sea: Migration in the Ancient World, with Paul O’Mahony

The video of this Open House discussion features a return visit with actor Paul O’Mahony, focusing on the experience of crossing the sea as depicted in classical texts. To prepare for watching it, you might like to read some or all of these passages from the Odyssey, Virgil’s Aeneid, and Aeschylus’ Suppliant Women. You can read any translation, or those in the PDF below: Crossing the Sea: Selection of passages Odyssey… Read more

Open House | The Power of Performance: Mythology and Outreach Today, with Paul O’Mahony

We were pleased to welcome actor, writer, and educator Paul O’Mahony for an Open House discussion on ‘The Power of Performance: Mythology and Outreach Today’. He introduces the topic as follows: I would like to talk about our reception of classical texts and our approaches to performance—finding new and exciting ways to re-imagine them. I will use my own experience both creating and watching various shows (both tragic and comic).… Read more

Read Euripides’ Medea with actor Paul O’Mahony

Hour 25 Community Reading Medea, Euripides Thursday, July 23 2015 @11:00 a.m. EDT [Nurse] Would that the Argo had never winged its way to the land of Colchis through the dark-blue Symplegades! Would that the pine trees had never been felled in the glens of Mount Pelion and furnished oars for the hands [5] of the heroes who at Pelias’ command set forth in quest of the Golden Fleece! For… Read more