More Strange Births

It struck me after viewing the Gallery concerning Aphrodite’s birth, that many strange births occur in Greek mythology. Was it the idea of being able to envision the possibility of giving birth without following the usual and natural birth delivery, be it a goddess or a woman or even horses? Was it the need to add mysterious and supernatural elements to creation, to give eccentric accounts? A famous goddess, Athena,… Read more

Gallery: Who’s Who?

In this Gallery, you will see some familiar people from the past. Writers, heroes, politicians, philosophers, among them: Pittacus, Epicurus, Socrates, Pericles, Alexander the Great, Cesar, Augustus… Are also present Zeus and his wife Hera (or Juno), Medusa, and don’t be scared to look at her… If you want to know more about these famous people, Plutarch wrote many biographies. Among them, he offers a long, and beautiful physical description… Read more