HeroesX: 10th anniversary

March 13 sees 10 years since the start of the first iteration of the MOOC ‘The Ancient Greek Hero’. Happy anniversary, HeroesX! In 2013 MOOCs — massive open online courses — were in their infancy, and this was one of the first Humanities courses on edX. The Ancient Greek Hero is based on the Harvard course taught by Gregory Nagy since the late 1970s, and has the same content as… Read more

How HeroesX Will Change Your Life—If You Let It

A guest post by Elizabeth Howell I’m a science journalist by training and trade. In April 2016, I realized I had spent more than a decade working at my career, to the point where I forgot to have unrelated hobbies. So I stepped back from a few obligations and plunged myself into lifelong learning through my local library and online courses. This led me to reviving an old university interest… Read more

Hour 25 to Kosmos Society: A new beginning

Statue of Atlas at Doges Palace, Venice, Italy When Hour 25 opened its doors in 2013, it was envisioned as a community-driven companion project to “The Ancient Greek Hero in 24 Hours,” the edX/HarvardX MOOC directed by Gregory Nagy, which is also known as HeroesX. The idea was that Hour 25 would allow participants to go beyond the 24 Hours of HeroesX by providing a friendly, safe, and stimulating environment for… Read more

Le Héros Grec en 24 Heures

  La Vie des Classiques vous offre la possibilité de retrouver l’intégralité des vidéos sous-titrées en français du MOOC de Harvard: Le Héros Grec en 24 Heures. Le professeur Gregory Nagy enseigne à Harvard. Au cours de ce projet, vous allez explorer avec lui plus de 250 textes des plus grands chefs-d’oeuvre de la littérature grecque.   The Ancient Greek Hero in 24 Hours La Vie des Classiques is offering… Read more

Apobatics in Karachi

A guest post by Safdar Mandviwala I submit that the moment when a fully-armed warrior or contestant in an apobatic[1] chariot race releases his firm right-hand grip on the left handle bar of a speeding chariot and leaps into mid-air, he is daimoni īsos[2], equal to a super-human force. Just as when the hero warrior is confronted with death in battle he is equal to an unspecified super-human force, usually… Read more