Open House | Uncanny Intruders: Ghosts and Greek Literature, with Robert Cioffi

We were pleased to welcome Robert Cioffi of Bard College, for an Open House discussion entitled “Uncanny Intruders: Ghosts and Greek Literature.” The discussion was live-streamed on Friday, October 23 at 11 a.m. EDT, and was recorded. In preparation for this event, you might like to read this passages: The ghost of Patroklos at Iliad 23.65–108, available from the Ancient Greek Hero in 24 Hours Sourcebook The ghost of Clytemnestra… Read more

Open House | Magical Strategies for Everyday Problems, with Suzanne Lye

We were pleased to welcome Suzanne Lye, Assistant Professor of Classics at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, for a discussion on “Magical Strategies for Everyday Problems”. There is a PDF handout, which you might like to read in preparation for this event: Case Studies Handout Reference will be made to the following texts: The cases in this handout Homeric Odyssey 11: Nekuia Homeric Iliad 23: Encounter with… Read more