Attic Greek

Interview | Teaching and learning Greek, with Joel Christensen

We are pleased to share this video interview with Joel Christensen, of Brandeis University, in which he talks about his experiences in teaching ancient Greek and Classics. You can watch the video in the frame below, or on our YouTube channel. Related topics Interview | Teaching and learning Greek, with Suzanne Lye Interview | Teaching and learning Latin, with Bettina Joy de Guzman Beyond Translation: Decoding Ancient Greek Dictionary Entries,… Read more

News: Introduction to Attic Greek

We are pleased to share news about a new Learning Module: Introduction to Attic Greek. This comprises a series of video presentations made by Professor Leonard Muellner and Belisi Gillespie. These videos cover the content covered in two semesters of a college-level Introduction to  Ancient Greek course. They are designed to be used in conjunction with the book Greek: An Intensive Course by Hardy Hansen and Gerald M. Quinn. The… Read more