Man’s Best Friend

A poignant scene in the Homeric Odyssey is when Odysseus’ dog recognizes him upon his arrival in Ithaka in disguise. This faithful dog, now old and sick due to the lack of care by the servants dies shortly after this recognition scene. The bond between Odysseus and Argos still touches us deeply. This was Argos, whom patient-hearted Odysseus had bred before setting out for Troy, but he had never had… Read more

Nafplio, Argos and Mycenea: Travel-study, Leg 1

CHS Greece A guest post by Janet M. Ozsolak I had the opportunity to travel to Greece with Harvard Alumni Association’s travel-study program which was led by Gregory Nagy. I came back with great memories. The first leg of the travel-study program focused on Nafplio and its environs, namely Argos and Mycenae. Nafplio was the capital of the First Hellenic Republic and of the Kingdom of Greece, from the start… Read more